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 Financial Disclosure


Who Must File

          Certain public officials and candidates are required to file financial disclosure statements with the Commission. Completed forms are public records available for inspection in the Commission’s offices during regular business hours.  Completed forms are not available for viewing on line.

        • Candidates for all state and county offices must file a financial disclosure statement within ten days after he or she files a certificate of candidacy. Those persons who are elected to such positions thereafter must file a financial disclosure report annually. 

        • Members of state boards, commissions and agencies who are appointed by the governor must file within 30 days after assuming their duties. Thereafter, they must file annually as long as they serve in an appointed position. 

        • Cabinet secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners, directors, deputy directors, and department heads are also required to file annual financial disclosure statements. 

Download blank copies of the instructions and form:

 »  Instructions and FAQ for the Financial Disclosure Statement      
 »  Financial Disclosure Statement   (blank form for annual filings and for candidates for public office)

    Blank reporting forms are mailed to filers of record early in January of each year.  Changes of address, or resignations from covered positions should be communicated to the Ethics Commission in order to keep addresses and other information current. 

         For information on obtaining copies of statements that have been filed, please contact the Ethics Commission. 

Disclosures filed in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Completed Financial Disclosure Forms are available for viewing in .pdf format for the following:
  - Members of the Legislature: Senate and House of Delegates
  - Members of the Board of Public Works: Governor, Treasurer, Auditor, Secretary of State, Commissioner of Agriculture, Attorney General
  - Members of the Supreme Court of Appeals  
  - Candidates for these positions.

Search for a Filed Financial Disclosure Statement

Delinquent Filers   
Certain individuals must file a Financial Disclosure Statement as mandated by W. Va. Code 6B-2-6 & 7.
Any person who knowlingly fails or refuses to file a required financial disclosure statement is guilty of a misdemeanor.  W. Va. Code 6B-2-10(c).


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