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 Statements of Charges, Public Hearings

      The Probable Cause Board  of the West Virginia Ethics Commission has determined cause exists in the matters listed below.  Pursuant to the legislative rules and W. Va. Code § 6B-2-4, each matter will now prooceed to a public hearing before an Administrative Law Judge on the date listed.  Hearings are open to the public.

You may access the complete text of each Statement of Charges by clicking on the case number shown in the table below.

  Case  number   /  Statement    of     Charges                             Public Hearing            
 CIC 2009-04 -   Respondent William Perry, former Chief Deputy 
                        Assessor Monongalia County
 date to be determined
          Respondent Emmett S. Pugh, Mayor of Beckley
 VCRB 2009-09 &    Probable Cause Order
 VCRB 2011-04       Statement of Charges/Notice of Hearing
 final conciliation agreement
 final order issued
The hearing has been cancelled

 VCRB 2009-33 -  Respondent Jeffrey Hutchinson
 CIC 2010-06 -     Respondent Jeffrey Hutchinson

 final conciliation agreement
 CIC 2011-03 -    Respondent Robert Daquilante

final order issued
 VCRB 2009-19  - Respondent Robert Daquilante    
 final order issued

 VCRB 2007-25  - Respondent William Perry  
 VCRB 2007-25  - Amended statement of charges
final order issued
VCRB 2008-07 - Respondent Eugene McKenzie  
VCRB 2008-07 - Notice of Hearing      

Complaint is closed
due to death of respondent
 VCRB 2008-20 - Respondent Roger Wolfe   
 VCRB 2008-20 - Order Granting motion to disqualify 
 VCRB 2008-20 - Order dated 9-24-2010     
 VCRB 2008-20 - Petition to Enforce Final Order
 VCRB 2008-20 - Order to Schedule Hearing
 VCRB 2008-20 - Granting Petition to Enforce Final Order

final order issued

 VCRB 2009-01 - Respondent Martin Shaffer

 final order issued

 CIC 2008-02    - Respondent Ken Merritt              

 Final conciliation agreement


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