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 Ethics Advice

How to obtain Free Advice

        In response to written requests from affected persons inquiring about their own conduct, the Ethics Commission issues formal written advisory opinions. These advisory opinions apply the standards of conduct in the Ethics Act, including conflicts of interest, financial disclosure and lobbying, to a specific set of facts. A person subject to the Act may request an opinion regarding a proposed course of action. 

        The Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month to consider such written requests. Requests for written advisory opinions should be submitted in writing at least ten business days before the Commission's next scheduled meeting. See section on Advisory Opinions for more detailed information. 

        Additionally, the Commission’s legal staff provides informal advice, based on these advisory opinions. Anyone, including the public and press, may contact the Ethics Commission by telephone, by letter, by email, or in person (by appointment), to obtain confidential advice on the meaning and application of the Ethics Act. 

        Good faith reliance on advice the Commission has rendered through its formal advisory opinions or informal staff guidance, confers immunity on the person seeking the advice. 

        Contact information for the Commission: telephone: 304-558-0664; toll free 1-866-558-0664; email:




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