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Lobbyist Information

     "Lobbyist" is a person who, through communication with a government officer or employee promotes, advocates or otherwise attempts to influence legislation, rules or regulations.

 West Virginia Code  relating to lobbyists:   W. Va. Code § 6B article 3 

    Registered lobbyists may call the Ethics Commission to determine whether a proposed course of action or expenditure complies with the Ethics Act. The Ethics Commission staff can answer the majority of the questions based upon Commission precedent. For those questions for which an answer is not readily available, a written request for a formal advisory opinion may be made to the Ethics Commission. The question will be addressed and a formal answer given. A written advisory opinion gives the person seeking the opinion and anyone who is similarly situated an absolute defense to an Ethics Commission complaint and criminal charges for actions taken in good faith reliance on the opinion.

Click here for : Lists of registered lobbyists  and blank registration and reporting forms


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