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 Reporting Lobbyist Activity & Spending

Reporting is required 

        All lobbyists who are currently registered with the WV Ethics Commission must file a Lobbyist Activity Report. The Reports must be filed although no lobbying was done or money spent.
   blank forms for reporting

Due dates for lobbyist reports

May 15 – covers period January 1 – April 30
September 15 – covers period May 1 – August 31
January 15 – covers period September 1 – December 31

Fines for filing late reports

        Due dates are strictly enforced. As required by statute, late reporting will generate late filing fees of $10.00 for each business day the report is late ($250 maximum). There are three reporting periods each year. 
        A report is considered timely filed if postmarked on or before the due date. Faxed or email reports are not accepted as timely filed.  A report with an original signature is required. 

Forms for reporting

        All forms, including the Reporting Form, Schedules A and B and General Instructions for completing the forms are mailed to each registered lobbyist before the reporting dates. Forms are also available in PDF format on this website.  Forms

What to report

        All expenditures made by the lobbyist or by his or her employer on government officials or employees in furtherance of lobbying activities are reportable expenses.   All sections of the reporting form must be completed. When no expenditures are made, indicate with $0.00.  
         Campaign contributions are reportable for candidates for state office.  Campaign Contribution information

What not to  report​

        Personal compensation, reimbursement for personal meals, lodging, travel or office support expenses paid to the lobbyist are not reportable in West Virginia.

Audit requirements and reporting

        Lobbyists are responsible for keeping receipts for all lobbying expenditures, whatever the amount, for two years from the date reports are filed and may be subject to audit. Lobbyists who share expenses must keep copies of original billings even though they were not the organizer of a reportable event.

Multiple employers

        Lobbyists with more than one employer report expenditures incurred on behalf of each employer by category. The report has columns for recording expense categories for up to six different employers. When more than six employers are represented, additional reporting forms must be obtained .
        Expenditures that relate to a person on whom the lobbyist has spent money, regardless of amount,  are detailed and reported on Schedule A. This form must be completed in addition to the regular reporting form and must accompany the signed Lobbyist Report.
        Expenditures for or on behalf of any public official or employee in any of the following categories are reported on Schedule A: Meals and beverages; lodging; travel; gifts; or other expenditures.  The name of the official or employee, the date and subject of the lobbying activity and the total amount of the expenditure are detailed on Schedule A.  All schedule A expenditures are included in totals recorded on the regular lobbyist reporting form. 

Group entertainment explained

        "Group Entertainment" as used in the Lobbyist Activity Report has a special meaning. It does not mean just any group or function that involves several people nor does it mean a function that is sponsored by a group of lobbyists.   It refers to a specific group invited to an event or function sponsored by a lobbyist or jointly by several lobbyists.  
        The group entertainment category is used to report only those expenditures on a dinner, party or other function to which all the members of one following specific groups have been invited. 
        (1) the Legislature 
        (2) either house of the Legislature 
        (3) a standing or select committee of either house 
        (4) a joint committee of both houses. 

        The total cost of a group entertainment event must be fully disclosed on Schedule B. Only the portion of the total expenditure attributable to public servants is reported as a part of and included in the total reportable on the Lobbyist Reporting Form.   This format requires the lobbyist to make a reasonable estimate as to the number of public officials or legislators present at the group function and shows the extent to which public servants benefit from group event expenditures.  Individual names of attendees of group events are not reportable, only the number of attendees and the proportional cost incurred. 

Filing the report

        Reporting forms must be completed, signed by the lobbyist and returned to the WV Ethics Commission by the due date on the form. The original reporting form may be filed by mail or in person; facsimile or filing by email is not permitted.   A postmark is considered timely filed.  Due dates which fall on a weekend or holiday move to the next regular business day.
        Lobbyists who fail to file a required report in a timely manner are subject to fines of $10.00 per business day ( maximum $250.00) and possible suspension from lobbying in the future.

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