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--Statement of Charges issued:  On July 6 a Statement of Charges and Notice of Hearing was issued in the Complaint against Cheryle Hall, former Clerk of the West Virginia Court of Claims. To view the Statement of Charges and Notice of Hearing, and the Probable Cause Order, click here.

-Changes to Ethics Act: Changes to the Ethics Act made by the West Virginia Legislature during the 2017 Regular Session go into effect on July 7, 2017. To view a summary of the changes, click here.

--Disclosure of “interested parties” to contracts:  Beginning July 7, 2017, business entities which have been awarded certain types of contracts with a state agency must submit to the state agency a disclosure of “interested parties” to the applicable contract. The Ethics Commission accepts completed disclosure forms ONLY from state agencies. To download the form, click here.  To view the statute (W. Va. Code §§ 6D-1-1 through 6D-1-4) which goes into effect on July 7, click here.  Questions regarding the statute should be directed to the contracting agency.

--Next Ethics Commission meeting: The next meeting of the Ethics Commission will be on Thursday, August 3 at 10 a.m.

--Lobbyist spending reported in 2017: To view a report listing spending reported by lobbyists registered to lobby in West Virginia for the reporting period of January 1-April 30, 2017, click here. 

--Revised Private Gain/Nepotism Rule: The revised Legislative Rule entitled Use of Office for Private Gain, Including Nepotism, Title 158, Series 6, went into effect on May 15. To view the revised Rule, click here.

--Lobbyist Directory:  To view the West Virginia Lobbyist Directory, click here.

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