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--Ethics Commission meeting: The Ethics Commission will meet on Thursday, May 4 in the Third Floor Conference Room at 210 Brooks Street in Charleston. To view the agenda, click here.

--Public hearing April 26:
A public hearing on ethics charges filed against former Ravenswood Mayor J. Michael Ihle will be held on Wednesday, April 26 beginning at 10 a.m. in the Ethics Commission Third Floor Conference Room at 210 Brooks Street in Charleston. To view the Statement of Charges and Notice of Hearing, click here.

--Lobbyist reports due May 15: Registered lobbyists are required to file Lobbyist Activity Report 2017-01 before May 15, 2017, regardless of whether they undertook any lobbying activity or spent any money on lobbying. For more information, click here.

--Public Comments on Legislative Rules and Guidelines: Anyone desiring to submit a comment on any of the Ethics Commission’s Legislative Rules or Guidelines may do so by June 15, 2017. The Legislative Rules may be viewed (and downloaded) by clicking here, and the Guidelines may be reviewed (and downloaded) by clicking here. Comments may be submitted to This comment period is required pursuant to W.Va. Code §29A-3-20 (a)(3).

--Search for 2017 FDSs on this website:  Completed FDSs filed by the following filers during 2017 may be viewed on this website by clicking here: 
        • Members of the West Virginia Legislature; 
        • Elected members of the executive department;
        • Members of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, and
        • Candidates for these positions.

--Lobbyist Directory:  Printed copies of the 2017 Lobbyist Directory were mailed to registered lobbyists and were provided to members of the Legislature.  An online version of the Directory, which was updated on April 6, 2017, may be accessed by clicking here.

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