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 Rules and Statutes

Administrative Rules of the West Virginia Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission's Rules are filed with the Administrative Law Section at the Secretary of State's office as Code of State Rules (CSR) series 158.  

You may view each of the rules or statutes  in .pdf format by clicking the appropriate title below.


Administrative Law Judge Code of Conduct - Legislative and Procedural Rule
Title 158 Series 05 ALJ Procedural Rules
Title 158 Series 13 ALJ Code of Conduct

Advisory Opinions:
Title 158 Series 02 Advisory Opinions

Complaints & Hearings Procedural Rules:
Title 158 Series 16 Complaints, Probable Cause Review Board and Investigations
Title 158 Series 17 Hearings

Lobbying Rules
Title 158 Series 12 Lobbying
Title 158 Series 15 Lobbyist Compliance Audits

Other Ethics Commission Rules:
Title 158 Series 01  Confidentiality

Title 158 Series 03  Purchase, Sale or Lease of Personal Property

Title 158 Series 04 Guidelines and Standards for Determining the Existence of
Disqualifying Financial Interests

Title 158 Series 06 Private Gain

Title 158 Series 07 Gifts & Charitable Solicitation

Title 158 Series 08 Interest in Public Contracts

Title 158 Series 10 Contributions

Title 158 Series 11 Employment

Title 158 Series 14 Filing of Verified Time Records

Title 158 Series 18 Ethics Training Requirements for Designated Public Officials 

Title 158 Series 19 WV Ethics Commission Procedures  

Title 158 Series 20 Forms


Statutes relating to the WV Ethics Commission

The Ethics Act - W. Va. Code Chapter 6B

Open Meetings Act -  W. Va. Code Chapter 6, Article 9A

Lobbying -  W. Va. Code Chapter 6, Article 3
Criminal provision - W. Va. Code  § 61-10-15  (applies to certain county officials only)

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